Screws and Barrels

ManufacturerDescriptionTypeProduct numberImagePrice (€)
Engelscrew+barrel+heatersEngel with Repro control, 105mm, injection unit 4500
Engel / Reproscrew 30 mm30 mm
Engelscrew100 mm, Injection unit 4500, L 268
Engelscrew80 mm , Injektion unit 3500
Engelscrew+barrel80 mm, Injektion unit 3500
Engelscrew+barrel22 mm,Injection unit 80 , new
Engelscrew25 + 30 mm, Injection unit 200
Engelscrew+barrel30 mm , Injection unit 330
Engelscrew+barrel45 mm, Injection unit 600
Engelscrew+barrel+heaters50 mm, Injektion unit 305
Engelscrew+barrel55 mm, Injection unit 1300
Arburgscrew+barrel+heaters30 mm, Injektion unit 210
Arburgscrew+barrel+heaters30 mm, Injection unit 75
Arburg CMDscrew+barrel+heaters35 mm, CMD
Arburg CMDscrew+barrel+heaters25 mm, with opening for gases
Feromatikscrew+barrel+heaters50 mm, Feromatik 175 t, with Injection unit
Feromatikscrew+barrel+heaters98 mm, L 260 mm, plasticizing
Engelscrew+barrel+heaters18 mm, new
Engelscrew20 mm, new


ManufacturerDescriptionTypeProduct numberImagePrice (€)
WittmannRobot W150, x-500,y-1000,z-2500
ENGELRobotERC 53/2-EA, x-790, y-1600, z-2360
REMAKRobot, Robot for transporting the part along the length of the machinex-400, y-1150, z-3500

Other Periphery

ManufacturerDescriptionTypeProduct numberImagePrice (€)
separator for funnels
air cooled chiller
suction conveyor for plastic granulat
refrigerator compressor x2x 60 KW