Used injection moulds for plastics manufacturing

DescriptionCavityWeight (g)Clamp force (t)Dimensions (mm)/Volume (ml)ConditionPrice (€)Image
Champagne cork4650/Rarely usedPer request

Till roll core8370L (20 mm - 60 mm)FunctioningPer request

Closing cap1525/Like newPer request

Bottle stubble for liquor bottle (2-part)1+22035/Like newPer request

Cosmetics bottle with cap (2-part)1+1+1120//Rarely usedPer request

Screw anchor12 or 16/150 L (60, 80, 100, 120, 150)FunctioningPer request

Textile sleeve (conical)335100L-176, out. Ø 40 + out. Ø 60Good conditionPer request

Jug 1l1130100/FunctioningPer request

Jug 2l1200200/FunctioningPer request

Hanger230100L-400 Good conditionPer request

Hanger130100L-390 mmGood conditionPer request

Hanger with hook - rotating255150L-410Rarely used Per request

Hanger with metal hook270 + 90180L-400 + L-450FunctioningPer request

Basin 8l (2 pcs.)1460//FunctioningPer request

Breadboard1300150350x200FunctioningPer request

Hanger with metal hook275180L-450FunctioningPer request

Flat bottle///500 mlLike newPer request

Round bottle///500 mlLike newPer request

Round bottle///300 mlLike newPer request

Ketchup bottle///1000 mlLike newPer request

Flat bottle///1000 mlLike newPer request

Plastic cup - Model 0.15 lCup (1), Cap (1)10+250150 mlFunctioningPer request

Plastic cup - Model 0.8 lCup (1), Cap (1), Handle (8)20100800 mlFunctioningPer request